Friday, July 4, 2008

Live in the PAST !

I would like to stop always thinking about the past; what I did not do mostly and what I should’ve done. I want in the future to be able to make better decisions and better choices. I want to accomplish some things so when I look back at my life I will be in peace and not regretting anything.

But, I also believe the past is the past. It’s gone forever. Now it may be good or it may be bad, but you should still look back at it from time to time and remember what it was like living then. I should be making the most of my life as it is right now. I imagine and create wonderful dreams that should come true in the future.

Sometime it’s hard to forget past and you feel you still live in the Past. Good memories pushed back to the past and you can’t forget those memories. May be this is happen when you met someone who is very special in your past. You feel good and recall past memories and want to talk to that person a lot. But, it depends how good or bad next person react? I feel uncomfortable if next person react weirdly. At, that time you live in the past and trust that he or she respond with same excitement as in the PAST.

"To live in the past or in the future may be less satisfying than to live in the present, but it can never be as disillusioning." ~ R. D. Laing

God Bless You ALL.

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