Sunday, November 30, 2008

You talk of 9/11… but 9/11 happens everyday in my lands…

You talk of how 9/11 was a day you suffered,
And how it was a day where it killed 3,000,
And a sad day that must be remembered for eternity…
And it is a day you keep reminding us about,And you cry over it repeatedly…

When does the second face of the hypocrite expose itself?
In Palestine, my people are bombed constantly,
Homes bulldozed like grass being cut with a lawnmower.
In Afghanistan and 'Iraaq, my people are cowardly bombed from the sky,
Most of the time, killing women and children,
And destroying homes and families.

In Somalia, my people are raped and their neighborhoods bombed,
Until my people wake up every morning, expecting the worst.
But of course, none of this matters to you.
Because the blood of an American is worth more than a Muslim…
So glad tidings of hypocrisy to the two faced people,
Who cry of innocent deaths on 9/11,
But turn their faces away towards the innocent deaths of daily life,
Committed by its own people and her allies.

And glad tidings to these two faced hypocrites,
Who attack the Muslim lands after 9/11 based on retaliation,
Yet, for some reason, the Muslims don't have this same right,
When they retaliated for the crimes of AmericaOn September the 11th.
You talk of 9/11,But 9/11 happens everyday in my lands.

By Sa'ad bin Ahmed

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